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  1. Displayport/HDMI

    Dear all!
    I would like to connect my IBM Thinkpad 410s with my TV. The docking station has a displayport. If I buy a displayport-HDMI adapter, which HDMI standard should I use for the cable (TV =...
  2. That explains a lot :-D Thanks a lot for your...

    That explains a lot :-D
    Thanks a lot for your help - I have already started to either delete the DTS audio track and convert it to AC3, respectively!
    Movies look great!!!
  3. much better :-)

    Alright - putting the hard drive into the second USB port on the side helped - however, the TV does not support mkv files :-(
    Would a software update help ?
    Thanks a lot btw for your quick support...
  4. 42PFL7606k/02 not connected via mediaserver

    Hey everybody!
    I got my new TV today. Unfortunately, I cannot connect my Terabyte harddrive to the TV (NTFS - thanks). So I thought why not connect the TV via LAN to my local network and just stream...
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