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    Total reset due to power failure

    My 32PFL5507H/12 doesn't recognize the installed hdmi connections, such as home cinema system and dvd player. When you tre to remove them from the menu, the menu is empty and there is no way to...
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    Adobe Flash Player

    My 32PFL5507H/12 tv says I need to have a Flah player or update it. I have a Linux 32-bit, Nederlands, Opera system. How can I update, because it is not working at the moment.
  3. Thanks for the info. I just found a there is a...

    Thanks for the info. I just found a there is a problem with two remote controls, so I've started a new threath. When that has been solved I think your info wil help me further.
  4. Connection remote control tv and soundbar


    I have a Philips 32PFL5507H/12 and a seperate Philips soundbar. They each have a seperate remote control which I have connected together so you only use one. In this case the remote of the...
  5. Toengel@Alex Thanks for your reply,...


    Thanks for your reply, however when checking the tv set we are using now, it only has DVB-C and DVB-T tuner. It is prepared for DVB-T2, so, when your answer is right this tv...
  6. Installing Philips 32PFL5507H12 in Denmark

    Hi, I bought this tv last year in the Netherlands and now moved to Danmark. When we try to install the TV set, we get the notification that the antenna cable has not been connected yet. In Denmark...
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