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  1. On another TV my AVR opens with TV. On my Philips...

    On another TV my AVR opens with TV. On my Philips tv I tried also with another device (raspberry-pi) and result is device opens TV but when I open first TV, TV not open device.

    Only solution I...
  2. 40PFL5606H/12 not turning on my AVR with HDMI


    TV Software Version: TPM62E_2.25

    I have 40PFL5606H/12 and it connected to Pioneer VSX-S300. Both device HDMI-cec(Easylink) enabled. When I am opening my TV I am seeing my AVR's HDMI light...
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    40PFL5606H/12 not power on my AVR with HDMI


    AVR: Pioneer VSX-S300
    TV: 40PFL5606H/12
    TV Firmware: TPM62E_2.25

    Connected from TV HDMI-1 to AVR. My AVR's HDMI Control(CEC) active, MY TV's HDMI Control(EasyLink(CEC)) active. When...
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