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    spdif output, support 5.1?

    I own this smart tv model 47PFL4007T, I don't have any home theatre system but own other spdif digital converters,
    by definition I know that spdif can only supply audio 2.0, is this true? I have...
  2. I have done it some month ago, my computer is on...

    I have done it some month ago, my computer is on internet via wifi, and is linked to tv via ethernet cable, I want to share my connection.
  3. sharing a internet wifi connection with smart tv philips via ethernet

    can anyone explain me step by step how to share wifi internet connection with a philips smart tv via ethernet cable?
  4. important!!digital lightpipe audio output on philips smart tv 4007 (47PFL4007T/12 )

    I have wired a optical cable to the digital output on tv, and expeted to route the audio output to an exteranl devices, but nothing happen, audio still goes out from tv loudspeakers,

    2) i have...
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