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  1. Apologies!!! As for the WADM problem I found...


    As for the WADM problem I found the solution! I should have used the search feature on this board more thoroughly. :o It had to do with Avast.

    Many thanks to agualdino, lucas1970...
  2. Problems with WADM in Windows 7 and MCI500

    Hi everybody,

    recently I ran into a problem with my MCI500 and WADM under Windows 7.
    Last year I got a new PC with W7, and WADM worked without any problems; there weren't even any adjustments...
  3. MCi8080 and Twonky - not possible to create Playlists


    Happy New Year everybody. :) I'm glad I found this English speaking forum, it has valuable information and has more Topics and entries than forums in other languages.

    Not long ago I bought...
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