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  1. I got a video converter. What do I have to convert to?

    Hello again,
    I have a multi-Video converter on my PC, that can convert any video format to any video format.

    The Philips specs are not quite precise.

    What do I have to convert the video to...
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply. My problem is...

    thank you for your reply.
    My problem is that what I wish to play is an AVI container-MPEG video shot on a Fuji Finepix F100fd camera in the video mode. Its manual says it is AVI (Motion JPEG)....
  3. Registering for DIVX to run a privately shot AVI-file

    I tried running a privately shot AVI-file (from my digital camera) on my TV 52PFL9606K TV, and the TV says I shall register the TV with DIVX on website and gives me a...
  4. Speaker connector for foot of TV 52PFL9606K / 02

    What is the connector type for the wire that is plugged in the rear of the TV through the foot support and that leads to the speakers in the foot of the TV?

    I can't find a spec for this...
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