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  1. and it still finds new HW - althgoug it still is...

    and it still finds new HW - althgoug it still is the same harman kardon blueray HW that is connected - very anoying
  2. when resetting 40PFL7007 USB disk with recordings are not recognized

    i was recommended to reset my 40PFL7007 after patching - after resetting the TV did not find my recordings on my USB HD - and i had to format it.

    any good hints?
  3. 40PFL7007 has started to startup automatically

    my 40PFL7007 has for the last 4 days suddenly started to power on all by itself.

    anyone experienced the same?

  4. 40PFL7007 keeps finding new connections

    1518my 40pfl7007 keeps asking me to name my harman kardon bds300 when starting up the units.

    it's not every time - but 1-2 times a week, i'm forced by the tv to name the harman kardon bds300 set,...
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