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  1. Synology NAS and JUMBO-Frames

    On my Synology Nas i can set my network interface to use JumboFrames with a packetsize up to 9000.
    Default is no jumbo-frames packetsize 1500.

    When i switch Jumbo-frames off, my photo (jpg)...
  2. 42PFL6057/H12 reboots when loading JPG from NAS

    My tv reboots when loading JPG from NAS (Synology) media server.

    I can see the shared folders and browse them, but when i want to open the JPG my tv reboots.

    I run the latest firmware.

  3. TV Reboots when streaming JPG from synology NAS

    My 42PFL6057H/12 reboots when streaming JPG from Synology NAS.

    Audio streaming and video streaming are working fine.
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