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  1. Hi, thank you for the answer. But I know...


    thank you for the answer.

    But I know that multiroom is not possible now. (synchronised multiroom)

    Thats why I ask the support team if anything like this is planned in future releases....
  2. AirStudio App - One Source, more systems - Multi Room Support


    is there any software update planned for AirStudio App, which allows to play ONE Song on MORE than ONE Sound System?

    I'd wish to use only one Source (e.g. Ipad) and send this song to my...
  3. AirStudio App and Spotify - Cannot connect to spotify


    I bought the Fidelio AW9000 System, installed the AirStudio App and registered at spotify.
    So everything (Internet Radio or Sound Files) works fine more or less - BUT:

    When I try to use...
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