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  1. @Toengel Well, you were right! After converting...

    Well, you were right!
    After converting the memory stick from ExFat into NTFS (Windows NT Filesystem - compressed), my TV recognized it and it could play the movies.

    Now, can it play 3D...
  2. @Toengel So, NTFS file-format is not supported...

    So, NTFS file-format is not supported by Philips?
    That's just great, I'll try to reformat the memory stick into NTFS and see if the TV will recognize it.

    @Perpetual Beta
    I see, but...
  3. TV doesn't recognize ExFat formatted USB memory stick!


    Maybe this is a well-known issue for you, but still I would like to highlight the situation I'm facing with.

    I own a Philips 7000 series TV (47PFL7696H/12) with the latest firmware and I...
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