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    Connect Macbook Pro with 40PFL9704


    I would like to listen to Spotify Premium that I play from my Macbook or Ipad over my 40PFL9704 (for it's speakers). But I somehow can't make the tv connect with my Macbook Pro. They are using...
  2. Motorola is in the Philips list for STB's: 1878....

    Motorola is in the Philips list for STB's: 1878. But this code does not work on the Motorola. There must be a way of connecting this set-top box.

    I received several codes from Philips:
  3. Set top box Motorola 1963 with Remote Control 40Pfl9704

    Hi Forum,

    Can I use the RC of my Philips 40pfl9704, which I really like, with the HD Set top box of KPN (Dutch) which is a Motorola VIP 1963? I can't get it to operate while the Philips RC is an...
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