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  1. Thanks - same end result. Are you able to check...

    Thanks - same end result. Are you able to check your TV HDMI input audio support (e.g.: my test with MacBook), is "encoded digital audio" supported?

    I also tried a Panasonic DMP-BDT220 blu-ray...
  2. Encoded digital audio sound through HDMI with Philips DVD/Blu-ray

    I have Philips TV model 42PFL3704D (FW 1.6) bought new in 2009 in USA. Recently I discovered the digital coaxial connector on the rear which, with my receiver, allows dolby digital surround sound...
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    Remote control code to select HDMI1?

    Programming a Comcast remote control to use a Philips model 42PFL3704D

    Remote codes are listed here for Philips TV however there is no code that selects HDMI1 directly.
    (instead have to scroll...
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