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  1. TV software service, a catastrophe

    Thanks for your reaction.
    Yes indeed. It took 6 months and many emails before I got the new software for the brand new Philips TV.
    In the meantime I bought a Sony Bravia which is miles ahead of...
  2. Cannot re-allocate analogue channel numbers 32PFL5606H/12-7

    After installation of the new TV, I was not able to re-allocate the analogue channel numbers.
    Release Version: TPM62E 2.03 PQ Version: Flash PQ V0.05 110304
    After installing the channels, the...
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    Thanks for the solution

    Indeed it is RGB, just missed that thought.:)
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    Video connection problem for 32PFL5606H

    In order to connect my DVD player to the TV, i looked for the Audio, Video (Composite) Connector, which should be on the
    side of the TV according to the User Manual. There is not such a connector...
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