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    i hope that NTFS is supported? but i'm afraid!

    All good Hd players (like philips BDP series) with usb input should be able to read and support mass storage drive with NTFS partition...

    On my BDP5100 with 1.31 Firmware:
    -16GB USB key NTFS...
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply. There is a...

    Thank you for your reply.

    There is a misunderstanding about my bug report:

    -On firmware 1.30:
    Very long time to access to my USB external hdd :Buffalo HD-HXU3 (usb3.0)
    Some MKV file...
  3. big bug on 1.53, what's about philips quality?

    Hi guy,

    1.53 new firmaware is bad coded-ware!

    unable to access to my buffalo 2Go Mkv File via usb plug, Result when usb is pluged => Freez the player

    please, philips' engineers buy an...
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