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  1. Resolved by: Removal of CI+ module. Start-up...

    Resolved by:

    Removal of CI+ module.
    Start-up TV
    Shut down TV
    connect CI+ module
    Start-up TV
  2. 32plf7675h/12 keeps rebooting every few seconds


    I own a 32plf7675h/12.
    As far as I know the software is up-to-date. I cannot check any software release due to the rebooting issue.

    Once the TV is started I see the last used channel...
  3. How to tell if my 37plf7666h/12 HDMI inputs are suitable for 'HDMI ARC'


    I own a 37plf7666h/12 television. Google and the Philips site do not return search results when searching for the user manual...

    I'm interested in buying a Philips Home Cinema system HTS...
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