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  1. SW 14.91 is available now

    @Philips: Crtl +F5 did help. Link works now for me correctly and I could download the latest version. Thx.

    I will let you know if I can recognize any improvement compared to last version 14.84.
  2. New version 14.91 not available anymore ?

    Hi all,

    maybe I am wrong but when I open the .zip file with the new version I just see exactly the 3 files we got already with version 14.84. Also the modify date is the same. So for me there is...
  3. ZDF HD disturbance via Cable TV if dig. SAT is ON in parallel

    the issue I am facing is that I am not able to watch ZDF HD via cable TV if my dig. receiver is on in addition (HDMI port 2). So if I switch the source from "HDMI 2" to "Fernseher" I canīt watch...
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