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  1. Unfortunately, I have not yet bought any home...

    Unfortunately, I have not yet bought any home theatre system till now as I was waiting to get the full information. I am in a delema now. However, if you navigate PHILIPS website, you can see that...
  2. HDMI ARC for 42PFL7357/V7 - attention PHILIPS

    Hi, PHILIPS,
    I bought one 3D LED TV 42PFL7357/V7 (serial no. 110612119003100046) in August 2012 at Kolkata, INDIA.
    I found in FAQ section of your website that HDMI ARC feature is available in this...
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    5.1 home theatre system

    I am having a 3D LED TV (model 42PFL7357/V7). I am planning to buy a home theatre system. I have found HTS 5561 / HTS 5591. Please advise if it will be a good match and what are merits and demerits....
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