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  1. it has warranty, but Philips wont help me because...

    it has warranty, but Philips wont help me because i cant reprint my ebay invoice from 2nd September last year when i bought it, they want a receipt

    so i now have a unit sat here and wont power on,...
  2. correct, it still doesnt work :(

    correct, it still doesnt work :(
  3. DS9000/12 has died, dead as a dodo, advice needed!

    Hi everybody

    My father bought me this DS9000/12 and it hasn't had much use, but when I have used it, it's been incredible sound with my iPhone 4S

    Last night, i plugged the unit in and it's...
  4. Philips?? a dock app that will work please? with iOS 6

    in the APP store there is the Philips dock app but it does NOT with iPhones with IOS6

    i have just deleted the app from my phone and the music now works without it, while plugged in the DS9000
  5. Apple iPhone 4S doesnt work with my DS9000 Music Dock! with iOS 6!!!? WHY??

    Updated my iPhone 4S to iOS Version 6 over 2 days ago

    i just plugged it into my DS9000/12 Music docking system and i have NO SOUND


    whats going on?? dont tell me the Dock is now...
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