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  1. Sticky: Met player (Metropolitan Opera)

    Hi The Metropolitan Opera ( offers an online service that currently needs relies on flash and doesn't even work with the nettv browser. An application for this one would...
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    Euronews application is not working

    It opens but none of the small headlines snapshots are able to be played. This is happening for a week now.
  3. Good A/V quality - Bad Firmware and Net-TV features

    While the video quality is amazing, as displayed on those reports, I agree in the huge gap with firmware stability out of the box and the poor net-tv services offered.
  4. Let's add subtittle selector to the whishlist......

    Let's add subtittle selector to the whishlist... MKV is here to stay!
  5. Learn from Sony: their youtube app is really...

    Learn from Sony: their youtube app is really good, with login information and search and display history.

    Todays NET-TV youtube application is almost unusable.

    Any plans to enhance it? this...
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