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  1. 47pfl4047t software issues.. never ending story...

    Ok well I use this as my bedroom tv and havent used it very much.

    The channel memory is screwed up that we know from before. Now it has gone one step further and if i press accidentally on key 8...
  2. Response to questions...

    Yep latet firmware installed (the tv itself could not find any new updates so it had to be a manual update).

    Signal strength manual tuning indicator 97 %?. I can actually get a picture on the tv...
  3. 47pfl4047t Artifacts garbeled dbt-t picture

    Quite often the picture gets partially garbeled - some areas just display square boxes with different colors.

    My 6 years old hd ready tv has never done this... software issues such as bug in...
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    I have the same problem with 47pfl4047t. Sucks...

    I have the same problem with 47pfl4047t.

    Sucks !!

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    47pfl4047t Favorites

    My favorites list doesnt work. Basically the selected favorites gets unselected without any reason. And right now all my favorite channels are selected ok but when I select favorites list I only can...
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