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  1. 39PFL3807T - blank screen after a software update

    Hello everybody

    39PFL3807T - initial installation has been completed (network installation has been skipped) and no problems have been notices. Recommended software update: version T922E_2.08 from...
  2. MCi298/12 (firmware 1.20.1149) doesnít play stations from the online radio

    Hi All

    Playing online radio channels is a wonderful feature of the MCi298. Iím excited about that.

    Some stations though are not working properly. The following three I added to favorites for my...
  3. MCi298/12 (firmware 1.20.1149) doesnít remember settings after a power loss?

    Hi All

    Iíve just recently got the MCi298 for my small daughter. It looks like the machine is very nice and capable.

    First of all I performed first launch, basic set-up, online firmware update,...
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