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  1. old tv already?

    Thanks you're right , I've found the later firmware (140.37) and upgraded!
    Would still like the i-Player for my 'old' tv which I bought 6 months ago though!
  2. old tv already?

    Does this mean that my tv is already out of date then? No firmware updates?:confused:

    TV: 32PFL8605K/02
    Firmware: Q5551- (TV550R1)
  3. Philips are good but should be faster!

    I'm still very happy with my philips TV and think the Apps usually good, however I can't help but think that Philips are always very slow in getting new apps out there.

    Yet again I see that the...
  4. Slingbox Connection

    How about an App for Slingbox users!

    With a slingbox you can watch your home country's tv anywhere....only thing is that its not so great having to watch it on a laptop. Yes you can link your...
  5. TV catchup services

    Like many others I'd like to see the BBC iPlayer as an app on net tv. I think Samsung has it now, so why not Philips.

    The only thing is as i'm in Germany, I guess the UK iPlayer would be blocked...
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