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  1. "In a nutshell you would like to connect the...

    "In a nutshell you would like to
    connect the iPhone to the speaker
    listen to a podcast through your headphones
    and control the volume using the docking speaker.
    Have I understood this right?"
  2. Volume buttons not working iphone 6 DS3510

    Using an apple 30 pin to lightning adaptor, after placing iphone 6s on the adaptor, i plug in earbuds and listen to a podcast.
    The volume buttons on the Philips don't work to adjust volume.
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    New ds 3510/37 Owners manual

    The owners manual is a dissapointment. What are these usb connectors for? I am not sure of the features of this unit, very poor manual.
    How can I find out all the capabilties of this docking...
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