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  1. After reading this, I realized that I'm a victim...

    After reading this, I realized that I'm a victim too. Was going crazy trying to figure out what the problem is.
    I own a 32pfl5507/h12 and my DLNA stopped working during playback. After this it seems...
  2. Will this model get a FW update that includes HDMI ARC support

    Will a Firmware with ARC support be released anytime soon ?

    Some other hts3531 models have allready received a V40 and even V42 firmware that includes ARC support
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    Request V40 firmware for HTS3531/12

    V40 has been released for HTS3531, but only for /55, /78, and /93 models.
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    Latest firmware supports ARC

    ARC is supported if you install the latest firmware and if you have the correct model , I have HTS3531/12 but the firmware is not for my device

  5. Please also release for /12

    The HDMI ARC is the feature im really missing on my HTS3231/12 will this also be released for /12 ?

    Anyone knows if it's possible to (force)upgrade the /12 with this version and if so will it...
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