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  1. Hi, I've just another question concerning the...


    I've just another question concerning the partitioned drives: WHY won't Philips support partitioned drives? Is it that difficult? Do more expensive products support it? It's a pity that the...
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    WLAN via bdp5200?


    I connected a bluray-player (bdp5200) with nettv and wlan to my 37pfl7606k/02 TV. Why isn't it possible to record the current TV-Show on a USB HDD (1TB) which is connected to the TV (Needs...
  3. USB HDD - Using one partition to record and one for own files

    Hello together,

    for my new 37PFL7606K/02 i bought a 1 TB USB HDD. Because I have already some video files I could watch on TV, I parted the HDD in two 500 GB parts and put these files on the...
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