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  1. Why the iPod dock only can play video but not photo?

    The dock DCK3061 can show the video by the yellow cable.
    But when I play the photo in my iPhone, the TV did not show anything.
    Anyone can suggest what is the reason and solution?
  2. What is the HDD capacity supported for BDP3380K?

    I had checked the user manual that it didn't mention how large can it be support.
    Any idea?
    Also, which file system support? Is it support NTFS?
  3. Why the BDP5200/98 can't be upgraded to v1.55?

    I felt very disappointed.:(
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    You can wake up immediately and stop it when the...

    You can wake up immediately and stop it when the alarmclock wake you up.
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    DCB2070 Wrong time in standby mode

    I had this product and already upgraded to the latest software version 28.
    But the time is still incorrect.
    Any solution on this issue?:eek:
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    What is the User Manual Upgrade Software?

    Does anybody knows what is the function of this file?
    Can I upgrade to my TV 46PFL8605H?

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    Play youtube leanback on BDP9600

    I have a BDP9600 (v1.61) and I want to play some Youtube HD movie on it.
    Does anyone know how to do that?
    I had searched the old post and it said the Youtube apps will be upgrade automatically....
  8. What is the supported video codec on BDP7300?

    I got a WMV file but it can not be played on one of my player BDP7300.
    Could Philips provide some information to me so that I can find out what is the reason.

    Also, I found one MKV file is no...
  9. After upgrading to iOS5, the "MyRemote" can't...

    After upgrading to iOS5, the "MyRemote" can't find the BDP5200 too.
    It seems the incompatibility between the apps and the iOS 5.
    Philips pls take a look on this problem...
  10. HTS5561: Movies can't be played through DLNA

    Does anyone know which video format can't be played by the HTS5561 DLNA?
    I found some of the movies could be played through USB stick.
    But it couldn't be played through DLNA.
  11. How come I can't play dts5.1(mkv) on my HTS5561?

    When I play a mkv movie(audio codec is DTS5.1) on my HTS5561, it becomes 2 channels only.
    But when I play the other mkv movie which is AC-3 codec, it returns to 5.1 channels.
    Can anybody explain to...
  12. Does anybody know myremote can switch the source?

    Is it possible to switch the source by "myremote" on my HTS5561?
    For example, I want to switch from disc to radio by this apps.
    Or mp3link to aux something like that.
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    Different cable

    Different cable
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    2. PS3 to 5609D = OK 3. BDP9600 to other brand...

    2. PS3 to 5609D = OK
    3. BDP9600 to other brand TV = OK
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    Hdcp error when connecting hdmi

    I own a BDP9600 & 42PFL5609D. When I using the HDMI cable to connect both Philips product, the picture will show HDCP error. But when I connect the BD player to other brand TV, it works properly. (I...
  16. Does anyone know how to play the iPad movie on DCD8000?

    The manual said that DCD8000 can play the video form the iPad through the docking unit.
    Actually, I tried many times but gets the same result - no video signal.
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    Sa3rga02k/97 radio no rds

    The spec sheet said the FM radio with RDS function which can display the information includes station identity and program details.
    Unfortunately, I found that no such function in the radio display...
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