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    PFL8605H crosstalk problems

    What can i do with my 52pfl8605H to get rid of the aweful crostalk in 3d-mode. I have the pta 02 active shutter glasses. Is there anything to do by changing picture settings or does it help if i buy...
  2. Thanks man, only knowing that now doesn't really...

    Thanks man, only knowing that now doesn't really help cause i just got two pairs of those PTA416 glasses from the post today :( i guess i have to return them. Do u know any good active glasses,...
  3. Does passive 3d-glasses work with 52PFL8605H

    the topic says it all. Does PTA416 passive 3d-glasses work with 52pfl8605H 3d-tv?? And if they do, how??
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