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  1. Am i the only one who lost teletext by upgrading...

    Am i the only one who lost teletext by upgrading to 14.98?
    My tv is an 37PFL9606/h12
    Its gone with 14.98 !!

  2. What functionality does the lower right button of...

    What functionality does the lower right button of your remote control normally have? In my country it shows text.

  3. !! Text function lost after update to 14.98

    I have the 37pfl9606/h12.

    Last week i updated to 14.98 and it appeared to be that the text functionality was lost.

    Surprise: The functionality of the lower right button of the remote control...
  4. Does 37PFL9606H/12 work with UPC C+ ??

    My TV : 37pfl9606H/12. It is using FW v0.14.84.0.


    Two questions
    1 is de rebooting problem solved for UPC C+ cards?
    2 Is there any chance that this tv will be certified by UPC?

  5. 37PFL9606H/12 Sound ok but no picture


    An experience i like to share:

    Normaly the tv is not connected to 230V. To save energy i use a central powerswitch that switches more audio/video devices.

    Turned on the central...
  6. 37PFL9606H reboots using UPC CI+

    Hi ,

    My TV reboots every 20 minutes. I used a UPC CI+ card.
    I read in this topic that the reboot issue should be solved for Ziggo. Does that mean that also UPC CI+ will work?
    I upgraded to the...
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