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    cyryllic subtitles on 46PFL9706K

    hello everyone

    Is there a way to display cyryllic subs while playing AVI via USB on 46PFL9706K ? So far the tv displays some @#% signs instead of cyryllic symbols. The TV is running latest FW. If...
  2. 10x Toengel I've solved the problem by...

    10x Toengel

    I've solved the problem by reinstalling all channels. In the installation process I selected a different country - Finland (not Bulgaria where I actualy live) and everything went ok. ...
  3. Issues with Electronic Program Guide

    I' ve installed the lattest ver of Myremote app on samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and successfuly conected it with 46PFL9706K. Everything works fine except the EPG opt. I've done everything as mentioned in...
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