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  1. can we get it for windows 8, 8,1 or winphone?

    not cool to get hue when you cant use it. Why is it not on PC with Windows 8 when all new PC has Windows 8 seems rather strange. Is there a way to set it up without iphone / ipad and android?
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    MyRemote for Windows 8/RT and Winphone 8?

    Hey philips I want to hear about,the plans to make the app for Windows 8, RT and WinPhone 8?
    Would be nice to see it for example Microsoft Surface tablet.
    Find it hard to see why the would not make...
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    Damn! I have a 46pfl9706H it have the have the...

    Damn! I have a 46pfl9706H it have the have the same problem have been sent several times to repair and come back with the same error. Now I get maybe my money back. To buy 46PFL9707S but now I do not...
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