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  1. Still not working

    The menu freezes, so I can't install any new firmware. Not from USB or Internet. I've talked to local customer care and they adviced me to bring the HTB9150 in for service. I've owned this Product...
  2. Still not working

    Thank you for your reply.
    Didn't work. Even if IPod or USB is selected as source it still locks up. Seems to me this isn't a problem with the inserted disc but with the software on the HTB9150/00....
  3. HTB9150/12 Not working after firmware update

    Upgraded firmware on HTB9150/12 on 09.02.2013 via Wi-Fi. No error messages. Restarted as prompted. My player is now unusable. It boots normally, but freezes 2-3 seconds after the menu appears. I can...
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