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  1. Just to confirm - This problem is not yet...

    Just to confirm - This problem is not yet resolved.

    I thought it was resolved because I can share the internet connection of my Mac to my TV and it then works. When I connect to the Router...
  2. Problem not resolved

    Problem not resolved.

    I thought I had resolved this, but I have not.

    To recap, I have a BT Infinity Router which appears not to allow Smart TV, either wired or wireless. I have opened ports,...
  3. Problem resolved

    On the BT Infinity Router you need to enable Port Clamping to get Smart Tv to work. Port Clamping is in Advanced Settings / Broadband / VPN.

    Good luck!
  4. 'The Requested Page is Not Available At The Moment - Smart TV 32PFL6007T/12

    I have not been able to access Smart TV since since I bought my Philips 32PFL6007T/12 a week ago.

    You need to know that I have a BT Infinity Router, it will become obvious why.

    When I start...
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