I've bought a 32PFL3517H model a couple of months ago and I'm currently using the latest available firmware: Version: T921E_2.12, Zip file, 41.73 MB, Date published: 2012-08-23

I'm using cable DBV-C for watching the TV channels and I have the following issues which make using the TV extremely frustrating:

* starting up the TV (from the remote control) takes about 16-17 seconds
* changing between channels (using the Channel List from the remote) takes at least 5 seconds between each channel
* sometimes when opening up the List Menu, the *entire TV* freezes (locks up) and does not respond anymore. The only workaround is to remove the power cord and then add it back, forcing it to reset.

Is there any firmware version which makes this TV model usable ? Tried looking for older versions to downgrade, but was unable to find any.

Any help is appreciated,