Hello Philips,
I bougt a 37PFL4007/H12 TV in September 2012 and a HTS3271/12 as well.
We connect them, using EasyLink, with HDMI cable on the HDMI 1 (ARC) point.
After a while the connection lost, which means that the audio sound of TV is not comming via the HTS set.
The TV shows indeed a message that connection to external audio speakers failed and switch to TV audio speakers.

Last weekend, I updated the software of both TV and HTS to the lastest version and configured the HTS set again and a works. After 4 days the connection fails again. Then I tried to configure it again, but now the HMDI 1 port is not shown in the configuration list anymore. I bought a new HDMI cable to ensure myself that this is not casing the issue. Indeed same result HMDI 1 (ARC) is still not available in the configuration option.

Please give me som advise, the HTS is useless this way.
I am looking forward to your reply,
Richard Posthuma