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    AD7000W/10 iTunes 11 problem

    Ok, so first problem and probably most significant. Having followed the step-up directions from the CD user manual. I've gotten to the stage where the LED is flashing orange and green, the 'Philips Fidelio Airplay - etc...' network appears and then I am able to connect to it. Now we hit a brick wall, when trying to get onto the IP configuration page for the 'Philips...' network, it won't load. I have tried it in Opera and Internet explorer and the only way I can get onto it is to do it repeat the process and try from my Galaxy S3. I can succeed from here and I get all the way to the confirmation 'beep' from the speakers.

    First question for this part is; does this mean I should, in theory, then be able to play wirelessly from my computer also, or is that just relevant to the phone?

    Second question and second part of the query; having succeeded in doing this from my phone, I can now access the IP network configuration page from my computer over the internet, not via the 'Philips...' network. So, having done that, firstly, is this a way around the problem of not being able to get to the IP configuration page or is this just false hope? Secondly, even having done this and having heard the confirmation beep from the speakers when doing it through my phone, I still can't get iTunes to play. I'm using 11.1 or whatever the latest version is and instead of playing, I select the track to play and try to do so, but the play bar doesn't move and no sound comes out.

    Anybody got any ideas? Only just bought this thing for a birthday present and am already wondering if it was a bad idea really.



    p.s. Should have said, I'm on an Acer Aspire 5920, operating Vista and AVG Free Anti-Virus. Hopefully that helps.
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