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    Unhappy Update problem with BDP2500/12


    I encounter update problems with my 2500/12.

    I've downloaded the latest firmware on the site (V1147.3), I've formated an USB stick in FAT filesystem and I've unzipped the firmware archive at the root of my USB stick. I get a folder UPG_ALL containing BDP250012-FUS-11473.bin & BDP250012-FWF-11473.bin.
    Then, I've plugged the stick on my blu-ray player (with no disc inside) and I've selected an update by USB in the Setup Menu. The player has searched a firmware update on the key, has found it and has asked me to validate the update. I have pressed "OK" on my remote control, then the message "Update has failed!" has displayed on my TV and the player has rebooted after 5s.

    I've tried the french and the english version of the firmware but I always get the same result.

    My present firmware version is 948.4 which is the stock version since I've never updated my player.

    Anyone can help me? Am I supposed to update the firmware version by version?

    Thanks for help.
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