I received the Android dock AS141 for Christmas 2012 and I've noticed some very odd behaviour which is now preventing me from using it. The unit was bought in the UK and if I plug it into a wall socket directly, it works fine. However, as many people have, I use a multi-plug connector to increase the number of devices (laptop chargers, phone chargers, etc) that I can plug into a wall socket. When I plug the AS141 into one of these multi socket adapters, it simply doesn't work. If I then leave it off for a few hours, and then plug it back into the wall socket, it works again, but it needs to be powered off for quite some time.

My worry then came because I live in Belgium most of the time, I would then use a simple UK to European plug adapter to be able to use devices on the continent (ie. in Belgium). I came back to Belgium yesterday and plugged the device into a wall socket, using a UK adapter, as I do with many UK devices, and again it doesn't work. It eventually powers up after some minutes and shows -- -- for the time, and will eventually connect to my phone bluetooth, but it will not play through the speaker of the dock and will not sync the time, as it did do well in the UK.

I am really really surprised by the sensitive power requirements of this Philips device and that it is so difficult to get it to work properly. Why doesn't think work in various situations, like 99.99% of other devices on the market? Why doesn't it come with a simple adapter where I can then plug in a two pronged connector like a standard radio etc, since then I can use either a UK plug or a continental one? Even with an Apple Mac laptop connector I can do this.

It isn't the first time I have come across very strange behaviour of Philips products (I have a tv that randomly switches digital channels after a period of time - but this only happened after a year or so of useage).

Are these products not tested properly? Or is it that my device is faulty? I don't want to waste my time changing it in the shop only to find it does the same with a replacement model.

I do hope you can help me, because I am losing faith in Philips products and a simple "that's the way that device works" would be very disappointing.

Thank you