Hi all,
I recently purchased a 37PFL4007H/12 TV which is connected with a HDMI cable to a HD TV decoder from Belgacom for the TV programs and connected with a PTA01 wireliess USB adaptor to my home network (a Belgacom B-Box2 modem/router). I have also a video recorder connected with a SCART cable and a DVD player connected with component video cable. Everything works fine. TV programs are received without problems. I can go to internet and use the apps. Video recorder and dvd player work as espected.
Last week I installed the advised Twonky media server on my PC (which I downloaded from the Philips support site from my TV) in order to stream photo's, music and films from my PC to the TV. My PC is also connected wireless to the Belgacom B-Box2 modem/router. When I entered the My Network function of my TV, the TV did not find any media server on my home network. The TV keeps on searching. The problem remains the same when I installed Twonky media server also on my laptop.
So, my PC and TV seem to be correctly connected to my home network, because both can access internet via the modem/router. But, the media server on my PC is not found by my TV.

Then I tried to ping from my PC the TV URL address. This didn't work! I received a time-out. I'm able to ping my router.
Disabling the firewall on my PC didn't help.

Is there someone who can provide help? I'm out of ideas.