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    Thumbs up TIPS: on “Philips server not found, please try again later”

    Our products follow (UPnP) standard. Most consumers are not aware of all the complex technology required to set up an optimized internet connection.
    They just hook-up in their network and it works.

    What if you are stuck in the “Philips server not found, please try again later” error message on TV or BluRay player when accessing Smart TV?


    First install the latest software on your device.
    Go to website
    Search for the type number of your device.
    Check if there is a newer software version than the one in your device.”
    (For 2010 TV see exception here)

    If the software of your device is up to date and you still cannot connect, try all possible reset options via the TV's menu;

    - Clear Net TV memory (2009 TV’s) Clear Apps memory (2010 & 2011 TV’s) or clear Internet Memory (2012 TV’s).

    - Reset to factory defaults

    - Reinstall TV.

    If that did not bring result; `

    Change settings for “Dynamic IP” into “Static IP” or vice versa in your TV (or Bluray player).
    These settings can also be adapted in your router and need to be aligned with the TV settings.

    If still no results in connecting to Smart TV:

    Adapt the “Maximum transmission unit” in your Router.
    Read more about this on Wikipedia here.

    Find an example on Tweaking MTU settings in this YouTube video:here

    Do the MTU ping test: here

    If you Google on “Router MTU settings” or you search this in YouTube, you will find many examples how to do this for various brands of routers.
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