Hi! I have plugged an HTPC to my TV (37PFL7662D/12), and I want to use it as a PC monitor. I connected it using an HDMI-HDMI wire, as the HTPC can get 1080p (1920x1080) resolution, but I can only get 1260x768 as recommended resolution. I guessed it was coz I have to switch between PC-HD mode.

I refered to the TV User Manual, section 30 "Using the TV as a PC Monitor", and then 30.2 "Control TV settings while a PC is connected", then press "Menu" button, select "Features", then I should see the following menus:

Child Lock
Parental Lock
Mode Selection
Active Control

The problem is that "Mode Selection" menu wouldn't show so I can't switch between PC and HD mode. I also checked the chapter 31 "Using the TV in HD (High Definition) mode" with the same result. I tryed to find a firmware update, but I couldn't find anything for my TV model.

How could I solve this issue? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!