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    IP-EPG problem with view and date

    Dear Philips and users,
    i have problem with my IP-EPG view. If i get into IP EPG by RC everything is right, but i can see one week old program data, anyway time is set right on TV and also in EPG. So i don´t know where is mistake. I need to get data from server one week in advance I hope that i´ve explained it right.

    My country: Czech republic
    My TV: 40PFL5507K/12
    My FW: latest 00.96...
    Also updated with Standby upgrade.
    I am on DVB-T.

    For second i have a request. In IP-EPG and in our country Czech republic i can see a lot of programs without EPG data, cause corio doesn´t know them. Is it possible to add this channels, cause otherwise is impossible to record any program from EPG.

    Here is list of channels. Highlighted are channels which CORIO doesn´t know. i hope that at least non-regional TVs from MUX4 can be added.
    Multiplex 1

    ČT sport

    Multiplex 2

    Nova Cinema
    Prima family
    Prima Cool
    Barrandov TV

    Multiplex 3

    Prima Love
    Prima ZOOM
    TV Pětka
    Šlágr TV

    Metropol TV

    regional channels in multiplex 3

    TV Morava
    Genus Plus
    Polar (Televize Ostrava)
    Jihočeská televize
    Televize Vysočina
    V1 Východočeská televize

    Multiplex 4

    ČT1 HD
    Nova HD
    Fanda TV
    Thanks in advance for an answer.
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