Hello all,

I'm out with my PFL6907 (with last firmware) and more especially with the DLNA player installed on it.
So here is my setup :
- Macbook Pro (LAN or Wi-Fi) with tvmobili or serviio or twonky or PS3 media server (Same issue)
- Iphone with Upnp Browser and MyRemote
- An ununderstanding Philips TV DLNA certified (LAN or W-Fi)
- An ADSL routeur Wi-Fi (Orange Livebox)

My problem is that my TV is detected (or vice versa) only 1 time on 15... On monday it works... I go to bed (switch off the TV) and the next day, it doesn't work without any change on my Macbook Pro, on my router or on my TV.

What I'm sure is that my other DLNA devices always work because all my devices see each other through the network (Iphone on Wi-Fi detect TVmobili on LAN, UPNP browser on Wi-Fi can see tvmobili on LAN but nobody can see MY PHILIPS). When I browse the network from my philips, I have the DLNA setup page waiting for a DLNA server again again and again...

So I do a hard reset, I plug, unplug the LAN, I test with firewall, I test without firewall, I reboot my router, I setup the LAN on my TV, I ping the TV (always works)... Sometimes, after 1 hour, it works, sometimes not at all.

Can someone tell me how to fix that
- Why all my DLNA device see each other... all exept my Philips TV... but only sometimes.
- Why my TV is on the network, I can ping it, etc
- Why do I have to "tink" in the network settings, make a hard/soft reset, plug and unplug the RJ45, try to browse at least 20 times to make my philips worked (Sometine I give up because my wife, who is waiting for her serie, goes to bed, tired)...

I have no NAT rules and UPNP enable on my router and if someone told me that I need one, I answer that sometimes it works without rules (so what... it's binary no?). If someone tell me that my tvmobili is not correctly setup UP, I answer that I can stream from tvmobili on my Iphone (and vice versa) and one is on the LAN other is on the Wi-Fi.

And then, from MyRemote App, I can't use simplyshare (It loads trying to find my pilips indefinitely but I can see the tvmobili server) BUUUUTTTT I can control the TV from the control menu through Wi-Fi (probably not the same protocol but).

As all my other devices works with DLNA on the same network, I have to think that the issue is on the TV side.

Please help me to diagnose...