Hi all,

Lately I've been watching some new 3D movies on Bluray (Prometheus, Avengers, Brave) and I notice quite a lot of crosstalk (ghosting) on my 2011 Philips Cinema Platinum (58PFL9956). It was said that this TV would have less crosstalk than the 2010 model (58PFL9955) with a maximum of 1,6% (see image below) but on my TV the crosstalk is quite unbearable. This is most visible when subtitles are on the screen, almost all subtitles are displayed "double". This is also causing me some nausea.

When you set the 3D depth level to "Normal" the objects that have the most depth in front or behind get the most crosstalk. In the middle of the field, the 3D is fine with no ghosting. However, when you set the 3D depth level to "Less" there's no ghosting at all but the 3D experience is almost non existent. If would be nice to have a new 3D option that's in between "Normal" and "Less" or slow down the refresh rate of the TV without introducing flickering.

Also almost all Bluray disc menu's display heavy ghosting, examples are Brave 3D (clearly visible double arrows) and How to train your Dragon 3D (clearly visible double menu text).

Ghosting / crosstalk occurs with all firmware also the latest 14.104.

I'd like to know if more users experience the same problems with ghosting and if Philips can do anything about it.