I just bought a Philips LED monitor model no. 231TE4LB1/00 and I can say I'm totally disappointed on how the image quality is low compared to older monitors.
Each time a small font appears on white background (even now that I'm writing on this forum) the letters are totally not as clear and sharp as they should be for a 1920x1080 resolution. I tried all my best, switching between VGA and HDMI, playing with contrast, brightness, sharpness, updating softwares and drivers etc. and even with different PCs.
Especially "i" and "l" letters, when written together, are barely distinguishable. Diagonal lineaments in letters as "W" and "N" show white gaps.
I need to use a 1280x720 resolution to see good quality fonts.

Is there anything I can do to solve this problem? If not, is there a way to contact Philips support to have it changed with another model? This is not what I paid for.

PS. The only way i found to have good quality fonts is to put a HDMI input and to NOT set "PC mode" on the monitor software. This way, fonts are shown correctly and sharp but colours, image and video quality are terrible, even playing with contrast/brightness etc.

PPS. I have compared the same screen on a dual view with a LG LCD TV monitor of the same size. The difference in fonts resolution is huge.

Thank you