Hi All,

I purchased a 55pfl8007k one week ago and I have so far 2 issues.

Question 1
When I try to connect to SmartTV it is not working, because it has lost it's connection to my wifi.
I have to run the setup daily and then it works fine untill i switch the TV off during the night.
The day after i've to do the setup again. This is very anoying.

Question 2
Maybe a very stupid question, but what is the best way to switch the TV off and on?
I found out when I push the On/off button on the remote when the TV is on, it switches off (as expected)
sometimes the red light remains on, and sometimes it goes off.

But I cant switch te TV on anymore with the remote most times.

Sometimes i manage to switch it on with the hardware buttons on the site of the TV set and sometimes I have to unplug the TV and start all over again.

Your advices would be very appreciated.
Thanx in advance,