So I just bought two Philips AirPlay capable units:

Philips SoundCurve DS8800W
Philips SoundAvia AD7000W

I downloaded the AirStudio App, and it doesnt work. It can't ever find my speakers. it has never worked.
My speakers work great though. I can play music on them from my iPhone, iPod Touch and Computer.

When I am in iTunes I see this:

Click image for larger version. 

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Basically from iTunes on my computer I can play music to 1 speaker or both and change the volume for each.
I want to be able to do this from my iPhone and I am guessing AirStudio should allow you to do that. I have deleted and reinstalled the App multiple times, checked for updates and followed the instructions in the App and they dont work. I had to reset-up my speakers with the instructions that came with each unit.


1)Does AirStudio allow you to select one or both of my speakers and change the volume for each or both at the same time
like I can in iTunes, as illustrated by the attached image?
(i.e./example: my bedroom speaker is on and so is my living room speaker and I am changing the bedroom volume to 20% and the living room volume to 10%)

2) Why isn't AirStudio working? What do I have to do to get it to work? Are there any tricks to get it working?
(because I have seen alot of poor reviews of it on the app store)

3)If Philips' AirStudio App is not capable of what I mentioned in Question 1, what App can do that?

Thanks to any and everyone who can offer some help. Im getting pissed that I cant use these bad-chads (speakers) to their full potential.



Please fix AirStudio if this is a problem with the Application. I would love for this to work properly