Hi all,

I having problems with my 46pfl9707S/12 using WIFI.
The TV is connected to a Fritzbox7360 usinf WPA2 and a 20 digit key (numbers only)
The sofware version is the latest:, 2012-12-19
After using the TV the days I had to enter the wkey almost everytime a used smart TV.
Error: Not connected to a network. Brosing to the available connections and selecting my home wifi i entered the WPA2 key manually.
The TV looses this setting and everytinme i had to enter this again. 20 numbers... very annoying.

After i few days i decided to use fixed IP for the TV on both wifi modem and TV.
This makes things better but still every 3 - 4 days the TV looses the key again.
Please Help!!