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    Philips LCD/LED models have really bad sound and slow software

    I have just bought a Philips LED TV 3807 for its competitive price and because I trust the brand.
    The picture is great, the sound and the software aren't. Neither in the 3800 series, nor in the 4000 or 5000. It's always the same.

    We know that the loudspeakers can't be big due to the flat screens, but there is ONE thing that YOU MUST PROVIDE then: some good software!
    The equalization of those speakers is very bad, they tend to amplify the 4KHz frequencies which is very annoying, especially when hearing people speaking and using words with many "S". Our ears are really sensitive to those frequencies, this is why there should be a good equalization software available. Since everything is "soft"ware and hence programmatically changeable, you have no excuse for not providing such equalization.
    Bass boost works, treble are not real treble which should be above 10KHz.
    Also, what is the reason of providing the users with that ridiculous smart sound instead of providing them with virtual knobs for the various frequencies? You want your users to become ignorant and not able to choose their own preferred equalization! Or maybe some of you are just bad sound engineers, with damaged hearing, and can't tell the difference between a good sound and a bad sound because your ears hear differently now. I hope that A NEW VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE will have that!!

    One phrase: it's slow!!
    Just try and adjust the volume using the remote control and you will see how long it takes to lower or turn up the volume.
    What's the point of providing tens of additional features like embedded youtube and other useless things, if they can't just compete with a normal netbook in terms of speed??

    TVs have to have 2 THINGS:
    1. Excellent picture.
    2. Excellent sound.

    That is what they are about. Their true value and their true purpose.
    All the other useless things coming with the software, you can leave them to the PC/MAC computers and people will connect them via HDMI. Disappointed.
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