My name is Edwin, i recently bought a PHILIPS 46PFL9707S.

This is a fantastic TV:
* Sound = very good
* Looks of the TV = very good/ nice materials
* Installation = very easy to install
* Colours = good but i am looking for the best settings, i think ( i hope) it cann be better.

* If i am watching ice skating competitions on this TV i see a lot off ghosting ( i call it ghosting).
I have also a Full led TV of LG, which cost 1/2 of this PHILIPS TV, this LG TV has not this problem.
Can this be the software?
I have record this problem (recording on usb), i hope i can send this to Philips, so they can work on this problem to solve this

Where to can i send this recording?

Thanks in advance,


(sorry for my bad english)