I have an handshake issue between my DVD 3D Philips BDP5200 and my TV 3D Panasonic TX-P42ST30E using the HDMI port and cable. When I am starting the DVD, the Philips logo appears for 3 seconds, and, after that, the message "576i input" displays. After that, the screen goes black. I changed the HDMI cable with a very good and expensive one. Nothing changed. I tried the DVD with another TV. No success. I tried the TV with another DVD -> everything was OK. So, the problem was with my DVD Philips BDP5200. I did a reset for both, the DVD and the TV, unplugging both and replugging back, but still no image.
Everything was ok till 2 weeks ago, so I was able to watch movies using the HDMI port without any problem.
Waiting for suggestions...